abby & emily

go to palm springs


Abby and Emily Go To Palm Springs takes a brief, at times painfully realistic, glimpse into the romantic lives of two very different women from equally divergent worlds as they try to navigate their particular language of love on a road trip to Palm Springs. The result is an intimate look at a relationship as it evolves, with the opinions and occasional intrusion of best friends from both camps. It doesn't attempt to resolve every romantic blunder but instead exposes the raw roller coaster of emotions that rise to the surface even as love starts to set in. It is at times funny, maddening, confusing and in the end, real.


Jessie Cohen and Victoria 'Vico' Ortiz

with Bob Clendenin and Jessalyn Wanlim

Writer. Director. Producer. Hellin Kay

Producer. Nancy Degnan

Executive Producer. Michelle L. Morby

Director of Photography. Ludovica Isidori

Casting Directors. Jennifer Presser and Caitlin Well



"I love exploring relationships in a real, unflinching way and think it's important to examine ourselves even when it feels uncomfortable."

Hellin Kay

Writer, Director, Producer

"I'm making this film because it makes me feel seen and shows the beauty of surrendering to the messiness of love."

Nancy Degnan


"It is such a beautiful and tender study of those relationship frictions and make ups."

Michelle L. Morby

 Executive Producer


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